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Useful Websites

Highly Recommended Websites!


Agriculture in the Classroom –

  • Wonderfully detailed lesson plans and activities that teach about agriculture, agribusiness, the science of food, nutrition, and environmental aspects of farming. Each lesson gives additional videos, slideshows, recommended extension reading materials, and worksheets.

Colorín Colorado  –

  • Provides information, activities, and advice for educators, administrators, librarians and Spanish-speaking families of ELLs; Webcasts; Tips for parents (in English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Korean, Navajo, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese); Website offered in English and Spanish

David Appleyard’s World of English –

  •  Teacher resource for rules of English grammar; Lists Bilingual English Dictionaries for over 126 different languages online and in print

Dream English –

  • Downloadable songs and chants with video and lyrics; Printable picture books with audio

EdHelper –

  • Lessons, activities, worksheets, and printables organized by subject, theme, and grade level

English Club –

  • Online lessons, games, and videos for ELLs; Lesson plans, worksheets, job listings, and forums for ELS teachers

English Language World –

  •  Interactive lessons for learning English vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, pronunciation, and reading; Website offered in English and Spanish

English as a Second Language –

  • Audio clips (short stories & conversations), podcasts, dictation exercises, online quizzes

ESL Flow –

  •  Downloadable lesson ideas and worksheets organized by level and topic

ESL Kid Stuff –

  • Keyword search their database of lesson plans/ideas, flashcards, worksheets, crafts, games, songs, and related links organized by topic

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab –

  • Listen to everyday conversations with adult and children’s voices organized by level and topics

Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary –

  •  American English Dictionary for ELLs

One Stop English –

  • Professional advice on the many aspects of teaching ELLs, lesson plans, articles, grammar lessons for all ages, online games

Vocabulary Can Be Fun! –

  • Video lessons and games organized by grammar topic and level


Additional Websites

Activities for ESL Students  –

  • Online crossword puzzles, grammar and vocabulary quizzes sorted by level, Bilingual quizzes in 49 different languages

Lanternfish –

  • Printable flashcards, worksheets, crosswords, and word searches organized by theme.

E.L. Easton –

  • Online ESL resources for speakers of Czech, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Somali, Russian, Spanish and Turkish –

  • English Lesson plans for reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and pronunciation; Online quizzes; Listening and reading comprehension exercises organized by topic

The Internet TESL Journal –

  • EFL/ESL articles and research papers, lesson ideas, games and activities

Internet TESL Journal Links Page –

  • Extensive, well organized set of links to scholarly and pedagogical resources.

Education World –

  • Articles directed towards new teachers; Lesson plans and printable worksheets by topic and grade level; Database of 500,000+ quality sites with resources for the arts, foreign languages, history, language & literature, math, PE & health, science and social studies

Dave’s ESL Café –

  • Lesson ideas by topic, list of English idioms, grammar explanations

ESL Gold –

  • Materials, lesson plans, quizzes, online conversation partners, and links for teachers and students.

eslHQ –

  • Forum for teachers to share lesson ideas, worksheets, and games; Printable flashcards

ESL Monkeys –

  • Lesson plans organized by topic, skill and level

Everything ESL –

  • Content based ESL lesson plans for beginning through intermediate students, teaching tips for ESL and mainstream teachers

Everything ESL –

  • Listing of online resources for ESL students organized by grade level

Handouts Online –

  • Printable handouts and other resources for ESL teachers organized by level and themes

Hands-on English –

  • 40 helpful hints and tips for ESL teachers

Learn English Today –

  •  English grammar lessons and exercises, list of English idioms and idiomatic expressions, list of English phrasal verbs, word games by level

Many Things –

  • Online vocabulary, grammar and listening activities; Reading material with audio

Mark’s ESL World –

  • ESL discussion board, video and PDF library, podcasts, lesson plans for conversation, grammar and writing of all levels, printable worksheets, ESL resources specifically for Korean speakers

MES English –

  • Printable games and worksheets; Custom worksheet generators

Teachers Helping Teachers –

  • Advice and resources for teachers, especially in the areas of classroom management, lesson planning (by subject, level), and special education

Teach Children ESL –

  • Lesson ideas, downloadable songs, printable worksheets, flashcards, and games

To Learn English –

  • Online exercises organized by theme and level

The Internet for ESL Teachers –

  • Claire Braden’s collection of pedagogical articles. Follow the link to her homepage for more technical information.

The Purdue OWL Engagement CWEST ESL Materials –

  • materials and quizzes on English grammar and mechanics.

Using English –

  • Printable lesson plans and handouts organized by theme, grammar topic and level. Large collection of language references, teacher resources, discussion forums, analysis tools, and links.