TCNJ Alert: Power Restored

Power has been restored and the college is now in the process of ensuring that heat and other critical systems in affected buildings are functioning properly. Students will be able to access residence halls beginning at 4pm today. Students are encouraged to monitor the weather and use their best judgement regarding returning to campus safely. Tuesday events and classes have been canceled. Classes and events will resume at 8am on Wednesday morning.

Alert Posted on November 12th, 2019 at 12:46 pm

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TESL Grant Programs – CTHQP

In September, the Department of Education announced the winners of the National Professional Development grant. The College of New Jersey ranked 15th out of 42 winners and is set to receive approximately $400,000 annually for the next 5 years. TESL’s new project, Creating a Team of Highly Qualified Professionals (CTHQP), will be the beneficiary of this grant and will offer workshops to Content Area teachers beginning Summer 2012.

The project will provide staff development opportunities for in-service teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, counselor and psychologists, etc., within the PDSN network. It also targets pre-service professionals graduating from TCNJ programs, many of whom remain within the PDSN purview during their careers. The project is distinct in that it aims to develop ELL support both in and outside the classroom.

The project was also featured Education Week.


Go to the CTHQP Website!


Program 1: ESL Endorsement program for Pre K-12 teachers

By completing the program, participants will receive NJ ESL Endorsement certification.


Program 2: Initial ESL certification program

  • For participants who have a bachelor’s degree but are not yet certified teachers: 2 cohorts totaling 50 candidates
  • 1st cohort runs from Spring 2012 to Summer 2014
  • 2nd cohort runs from Spring 2014 to Summer 2016
  • Includes 7 graduate level courses, a comprehensive exam, and language proficiency tests.

By completing the program, participants will receive NJ ESL Initial certification.


Program 3: Multi-lingual education certification program

  • For participants who are administrative personnel, counselors, and other supporting staff in the school districts: 2 cohorts totaling 40 candidates
  • 1st cohort runs from Summer 2012 to Summer 2014
  • 2nd cohort runs from  Fall 2014 to Summer 2016
  • Includes 3 graduate level courses and a final exam.

 By completing the program, participants will receive TCNJ issued Multilingual Education certification.


Program 4: Summer ESL Academy

  • For ESL/Bilingual teachers, mainstream teachers, school administrative and supporting staff, and counselors.
  • Renowned scholars give workshops in the areas related to working with English language learners
  • Summer ESL Academy is held over three days and consists of several professional development workshops

By attending 1, 2, or 3 day workshops, participants will receive a certification of participation and staff development hours.

Go to the CTHQP Website!