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How long does the program take?

This question is tricky. While most students finish their program within 3 years, some students may take longer, and some will finish within a year. For more accurate information, we suggest that you meet with Dr. Wu to plan out your prospective course sequence.

How much does it cost?

Visit the Financial Aid website for the latest information on Tuition and Fees.

How do I pay for classes?

We highly recommended spending some time viewing the Financial Aid website. You can schedule to meet with a Financial Aid specialist by calling the directly.

If you are a current teacher, we suggest contacting your school district and asking about any programs they may have that may assist in paying for your classes.

Where are classes held on campus?

Most of the on-campus classes are scheduled in the Educational Building.  We highly recommend attending the Graduate Open House and taking a tour of the campus to familiarize yourself with its layout and various parking lots.

Where can I park?

As a Graduate Student, you have access to the commuter parking lots before 4pm. After 4pm, you will have access to the Faculty & Staff parking lots by using your TCNJ ID card to gain entry. For more information on parking and how to obtain a parking decal, please visit Parking Services.

 Parking MAP

Do you have an Open House?

Yes, we do. The Graduate Open House is conducted by the Office of Graduate Studies. Check out their website for the next upcoming Open House.

Sounds Great! How do I apply?


I still have questions. Who do I cotact?

If you still have questions, Dr. Wu is available to meet with you in person. You can email him directly at and request a meeting with him.